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Deeper Into The Abyss

November 12th, 2010

Orlando Tragic @ 08:48 pm

I recently watched the LOTR and POTC trilogies and have come away with the belief that Orlando Bloom is terrible. I can barely stand any scene involving the guy (especially in the Pirate movies). I know the Ladies seem to find him attractive but forgive me if my panties do not get wet when O.B. is on screen. I get why Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are regarded as "hawt", however, Pitt and Depp are fairly awesome actors who can take a movie from being "so-so" to being great. Bloom, on the other hand, brings every damn thing he is in down. Luckily, I think we're done with Orlando Bloom. Unlike Harrison Ford, I don't foresee Bloom going from making two major trilogies into having a fairly solid acting career in other flicks.

Fuck Orlando Bloom... Fuck Him In His Pirate-Elf Ass!

November 11th, 2010

I Don't Get It... @ 04:12 pm

So... my family is fucked. By family, I am not referring to Michelle and Max but am talking about my parents and siblings. First of all, there's that little thing that happened back in 1990 when both of my parents decided that they didn't want to be parents anymore (see: Camden Whores, Abandonment, Living Alone, Severely Confused). Whatever, that's old news and while I don't think I'll fully get over the choices my parents made, it's mud under the bridge.

While my parents have been Batshits for most of my life, my sisters have been very sane and cool people. Jenn was born Nov of 1970 and Jackie in Oct of 1971 which means the two of them are less than a year apart and therefore, they have always been close friends whereas I have always been the much younger sibling who was never quite "cool" enough to develop a close relationship them. Again... whatever.

The weird thing is that over the past 12 months, some sort of feud has been developing between my sisters that is now to the point where Jenn no longer talks to Jackie and Jenn wants no part of seeing the rest of her family on holidays not named Christmas. According to Jenn, Jackie has changed (she can't state any actual ways) and according to Jackie, she has no idea why her and Jenn don't talk or why Jenn wants nothing to do with her. Whatever their deal is, it's THEIR deal and I don't really don't want to get involved.

So why am I writing about this? Probably because this sort of shit annoys me. If you're friends with someone and then you decide you no longer want to talk to them at all, I think you should at least give them a heads-up. "Hey, I know we were cool before and all but you just get on my fucking nerves now, sooooo yeah... I'm out."

I once took a friend out for dinner on his birthday when I was working at Wal-Mart pulling in a SWEET $90 a week. I took the dude out to Champs on Rt. 73 in Marlton. All was well, we had a great night, and the MotherFucker ordered some expensive shit off of the menu. The bill ended up being well over $100 which was more than my paycheck. The next day, I received an e-mail from him that stated no more than this, "I no longer want to be friends with you."

I was confused and pissed, but I appreciated the heads-up... I just wish I had a clue as to what the fuck happened. A few years went by without me seeing or talking to him until I saw him while skiing up at The Poconos. OUT OF NOWHERE, Dude asked me to be in his fucking wedding. I was shocked, SHOCKED I say. I was sooooo caught off-guard that I said yes. I barely saw the guy leading up to the wedding, didn't attend his bachelor party, and have seen him two or three times in social settings since his wedding. That was seven years so yeah... what a fucking confusing asshole that guy was/is.

Anyway, where was I? Ahhh... yes. So if you no longer want to talk to someone who is a friend, you should give them a heads-up. Now, if we're talking sibling... I definitely think you owe an explanation to your sibling as to why you no longer want to see them/talk to them any longer especially if you're going to dip out on family gatherings at the holidays. So this year when my sister Jenn and her family aren't present at Thanksgiving, I'm sure we won't talk about why she isn't there and instead focus on who *is* there but it'll still be more than a little fucked up since none of us really know why.

November 10th, 2010

It's Happening.... @ 02:41 pm

Well, I started the Weight Watchers program exactly two weeks ago today. At the time when I started, I weighed in at 253 which is right about where I've been hovering for the past five or so years. As of this morning, I am now down to 236 which means that I've dropped 17 pounds in two weeks time. That. Is. Awesome!

I don't expect this rapid weight loss to continue. According to WW, losing around two pounds per week is a healthy way to go about it. With my goal weight being around 185 (Christ, I'll be thin) that means that I should hit my target sometime around the end of April which is in plenty of time for Jamaica in July.

Speaking of Jamaica, I've been there twice in my life and both times, I obtained such a vicious sunburn that it had a negative impact on the trip. It's not going to happen this time. Last time, I said I would spend as much time as I could over at the pool at The Manse so that I could gain a tan. That really didn't do much. This year, I'm Fake Bakin' my shit. This trip isn't for another 9 or so months and I'm waaaaay hype for it. I think Michelle, Max, and I are going to have to squeeze in a vacation before then. Mmmmm.... VACATION!!!

November 8th, 2010

I can't believe it's not Facebook... @ 12:06 am

It's been forever and a day since I've used LiveJournal for something other than reading funny blogs and whatnot. What I've always loved about LJ more so than The Bastards (MySpace, fb, Twitter) that have taken The World by storm is that LJ always seemed to be "for me" instead of for all of the random people that I am "friends" with on those other sites.

Speaking of "friends", it has been pointed out to me numerous times that I dismiss people too easily, that I "love hard", and am an "all or nothing" kind of a guy. I'm not disputing this but I believe I have very valid reasons to feel this way. Because of my upbringing and the ridiculous events that happened during my teenage years, I most definitely have trust issues. If I do want to be friends with someone, I put all of my heart into it. However, if I believe the "friend" isn't giving an effort, I bail. I simply do not have the emotional make-up to care for people who I do not believe care about me. Besides my family, I think I have roughly five or so actual friends... meaning people that I care about, talk to on a somewhat regular basis, and have the belief that they care about my well-being as well. I think five is a good number.

Finally, I am starting to try to take better care of body. For years, I've been a total lazy-ass and ignored what I was putting into my body and it shows. My fear of death improved for a year or two but it's back again. I've ALWAYS hated/despised/loathed the idea that I would someday cease to be and have tried to cope with this fear for almost as long as I can remember. When I found out that Michelle was pregnant with Max, I became somewhat "okay" with the realization that Death is waiting for me. Maybe it was the sense of accomplishment in creating someone as amazing as Max or maybe it was a sign of me maturing... whatever the reason, it's gone now. While I'm not suffering from insomnia because of this fear any longer, it does pop into my head a few times a day. The good news is that it motivates me to be happy and enjoy all of the aspects of today rather than overlook the little things (awesome clouds, a beautiful sunset, your mom's sweet ass... not that your mom's ass is little). That's the good... the bad is that The Fear gets to me so badly at times that I feel like a scared child. I truly hope that as life goes on, these feelings will subside.

This was fun... maybe I'll do this again in the not-so-distant future since this is a decent form of catharsis.

March 26th, 2008

Eyes Surprise @ 10:58 am

Within the past 24 hours, I've realized that two men who I watch everyday on my tv have fucked up eyes. The first is Stuart Scott (ESPN Anchor) whose left eye is not only lazy.... but it looks like it's fuckin' dead. I did some research and found out that Scott went to a NY Jets' training camp a couple of years ago and worked out as a receiver. While training with the team, he apparently stood too close to a machine that fires footballs out of it and got hit in the fuckin' face with a football. Scott then had to have all kinds of surgeries which caused him to miss a lot of time on ESPN and now he wears think black rimmed glasses in an attempt to hide his bad eye. I found that out last night...

This morning I was watching ESPN's First Take on the Deuce when I did a double take at my tv screen because the host, Jay Crawford, has two different colored eyes. His right is a light blue while his left eye is straight up brown. Apparently there is an extremely small percentage of people who are born with two different colored eyes and I'm guessing that the percentage of the those folks making it as an anchor on a major television network is next to nothing.

My Mom always told me to look people in the eye but I've apparently been staring at these fellas' tits for years since I've never noticed this. Has anyone else seen this shit???

February 18th, 2008

The Next Level @ 12:41 am

Well... I done did it. I went ahead a bought a PS3 so that I could both stop watching those dirty, grainy ol' DVDs and also so that I could play some of the sweet ass games that do not come out on XBOX 360.

Up next? 7.1 surround sound. That's right, bitches... I am never leaving the comfort of my tele and fireplace ever again.

January 19th, 2008

New Jersey: Home of the Music Festival @ 03:23 am

Well... the people who put on the Reading Festival announced that they are going to hold an annual music festival in Vineland, NJ so the people who put on the Coachella festival have now announced that they are going to put on an annual Coachella East Festival (it won't actually use the name "Coachella") in Liberty State Park. Remember when going to a music festival meant driving 14 hours or flying for five?

I love life.


January 17th, 2008

Operation Grand Slam!! @ 01:48 am

Well... my concert season started last night with The Mars Volta and now I can only hope that the rest of the year goes as well as this night did. Here's a quick rundown of my night...

- I get to the TLA and BAM... the place is packed. It's tighter than a nun's pussy and the sightlines are pretty terrible

- After being stuck behind a bunch of giants and in front of two girls smoking "the pot" for the first time, I decide to move.

- Lisa Braun and her friend Kate find me and the three of us watch the band together from a spot toward the back of the TLA.

- An hour has passed and Lisa starts moving us toward the front. We end up being about 6 feet away from the front guardrail and so there is no problem seeing the band at this point. Life is Awesome and we watch/dance the rest of show from this spot.

- The show ends and me and Lisa end up geting some guitar picks that have a sweet Mars Volta logo on them

- We leave the TLA and head down to a bar on South St for a quick drink after the show

- After leaving the bar and saying my goodbyes to Lisa and Kate... I started walking back to my Jeep. South St was pretty deserted at this point (1AM) when I noticed a group of three people walking by me. I quickly noticed Cedric's (the lead singer) hairdo and stopped the guys to tell them that it was an awesome show. They stopped, smiled, and thanked me. I thought that was pretty fuckin' cool.

- I get back to my Jeep and have a parking ticket (as anticipated). I had a choice of either paying $20 to park in a lot or park in an "iffy" spot and get a $23 parking ticket. I rolled the dice and got the ticket. Oh well. Nothing can piss on my parade tonight!!

December 13th, 2007

Season Opener @ 11:00 am

It's been a while since my 2007 concert season ended and so I've been waiting all off-season to get back into the swing of things for what is shaping up to be a career year.

The season kicks off in a big way for me on January 16th with The Mars Volta at the Fillmore (see: TLA). The Volta have only played once in Philly over the past 2 years and that was as an opening act in '06 for the Red Hot Chili Peppers... ugh!

Anywho... for those of you looking to see an amazing show that will most likely feature an hour long straight jam... tickets go on sale tomorrow, Friday, at Noon. Tickets cost $30 but that is before all of the BS Ticketmaster charges so my guess it they'll be closer to $40.

December 10th, 2007

Bowling! @ 02:05 pm

I sure as hell hope you all know that we are doing this at the Manse next summer.


Deeper Into The Abyss